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About Dessert Advisor

It all started with a strange tradition. At work, our office celebrated the end of every week with something sweet, usually a cake. 

As our team began to grow, our dietary preferences became more and more diverse. Nut-free, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free were just a few of the dietary requirements being met to ensure everyone could enjoy the end of the week. Not to mention that variety is the spice of life, and we cannot just bring the same cake from the same bakery around the corner every week. 

Every Thursday, a major search would be conducted by our CEO, the sponsoring function of this initiative, to find places and dessert items that he could buy fresh for the next day’s team meeting. This task became time-consuming and challenging, as there were no sweet-toothed resources designed to assist us with this “holy” task.

We know our introduction comes at a very precarious time. This COVID-19 pandemic means every one of us needs to stay away from this nasty virus, survive physical isolation for a long time, and process a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. But it doesn’t change who we are. 

Like most people, our thoughts are constantly shifting between the massive loss of innocent lives and the dramatic impact on global economies. While we adapt, our love of desserts remains constantly stimulated and influenced by the resourcefulness of those just like us. 

We hope that you will find time away from your worries and enjoy exploring the variety of products that are out there in this wonderful world waiting to distract you from our “new normal” lives.

We hope that you will enjoy using Dessert Advisor as much as we do.



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